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This quote from an audience member at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

I am very pleased to have had the good fortune to experience this amazing show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Diego and Lawrence’s performances had a truthfulness and freshness about them that you don’t often see in theatre. I honestly felt that both actors were drawing from their own experiences in developing their parts, intuitively responding to each other, to the venue surroundings, and audience reactions. As an audience member, once the show was over I was also allowed the opportunity to feedback to them on my reaction to the play so they could develop their parts. This was a unique approach and lives up to the punk ethic of being true to oneself as well as being relevant to a modern audience. Both actors are keeping this spirit very much alive in their acting producing performances that do not compromise their artistic freedom, and self-expression. Their story about a struggling writer, encouraging his student to write about the obstacles that must be overcome to succeed as a writer, reminded me very much of ‘Hunger’ by Norwegian writer Knut Hamsan in which a writer sinks deeper and deeper into spiritual crisis, illustrating the difficult balance between artistic integrity and the financial necessities of life. Act Before You Think in the tradition of Sanford Meisner is a play that truly explores characterisation and action both from the ‘inside out’ and the ‘outside in’.


Thanks everyone who came to the London Preview. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

A writer. A story. A deadline looms.
@ Venue 123 AMC @ St Brides, 10 Orwell Terrace, Edinburgh, EH11 2DZ

The golden years have passed for the once-distinguished writer. For the last year and a half he has been blighted by writer’s block and his career and life are in decline. This is now his last opportunity to avoid losing everything and time is running out. He must write, but how? Where should he begin? Where can he find the story?

The group101 international theatre co. is a collective of actors with faith in the craft of acting to bring about change.
A C T B E F O R E Y O U T H I N K is their first project, a theatrical experiment that will lead to Edinburgh 2011.

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  1. So glad that you are getting the recognition you deserve for your acting – well done Lawrence!

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